Stay on top of your child's day. Look at the day's progress and oversee all the activities at the preschool. Through Bambinotes' innovative communication tool, your child’s development is monitored, evaluated and discussed with your child’s teacher through our easy-to-use cross platform application. Learn more about Bambinotes and ask your nursery or kindergarten to connect with us.

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Manage your day better with Bambinotes, the most advanced, easy to use platform for preschool communication. Through Bambinotes, schedule tasks and share information with parents on the fly. Share pictures and daily updates, arrange meetings and schedule tasks. Make parents happier and keep them informed while saving time and going paperless.Try our free one month trial.

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Learn more about our ever growing network of agents at Bambinotes. We are looking to expand our network throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey. Help thousands of nurseries, kindergartens, daycares, and families benefit from our innovative communication solutions. Find out where we currently have agents, or fill the form below to become one of our valued agents.

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Explore our network of agents all over the Middle East, and North Africa to join our innovative educational management and communication solution. Contact our country agents to join our fast growing network of nurseries and kindergartens currently using Bambinotes.

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Bambinotes is a subscription based, Multi-language online platform, which offers the simplest way to communicate between pre-schools, kindergartens, and parents. Every day, users in MENA countries exchange information about their children with their schools, through our platform.

Founded in 2017, our team is based in the USA, Palestine and Chile, with a network of partners in MENA. Our mission is to enable the effortless transfer of information between preschools and parents. We want to help our clients provide unrivaled service to parents, by keeping them involved with their children’s development.

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Bambinotes is a revolutionary tool to link pre-school institutions, teachers, and parents together in one platform. Use Bambinotes to connect, communicate, update, link and delegate. You can use Bambinotes on your desktop, mobile, or tablet, using Microsoft, Android or Apple.

Through Bambinotes, pre-schools can update parents on their children’s daily activities, share pictures, delegate tasks and schedule meetings and events. Browse Bambinotes’ main services and features and learn more about our preschool communication solution.



Bambinotes’ advanced multi-language platform helps the different users navigate through an intuitive system and carry out their daily tasks with more efficiency and agility. Bambinotes is designed to be flexible, scalable and easy-to-use. Once you sign up for the system, you can drop the paperwork, and save time on reporting while providing more information to parents.

Each different category of users enjoys features specifically designed to suit their needs by experts in early childhood education. Bambinotes allows you to focus on the educational process, with streamlined communication.



  • Enrollment Management
  • Class management
  • Parent contact information
  • Public announcements
  • Teachers monitor
  • Communication monitor
  • Parent private messaging
  • Multi-location management
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  • Daily updates
  • Private messaging
  • Photo gallery
  • Calendar of events
  • Important notifications
  • Multi users availability
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  • Learning and assessment
  • Food/ Nap / potty updates
  • Schedule and share events
  • Send parent tasks
  • Share photos with parents
  • Private messaging
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I was living in the United States, where I used to get updates about my son's day through notebooks. Communication was difficult even though I had him in one of the best kindergartens. When I moved to Palestine I enrolled him in a kindergarten that used Bambinotes. I was surprised to get daily reports via Bambinotes' App, and it was very easy to communicate with his teacher using it. Now I know more, even though I ask less.

Yara, Mother

Bambinotes really made a difference in our daycare and kindergarten daily management and communication. It activated the communication between us and parents. Bambinotes provided us with a user-friendly communication tool, that allowed teachers and parents to track children's development privately. Moreover, through Bambinotes, the parents are no longer calling to check on their kids' progress, they are always updated.

Anne, Royal Kids College

BambinotesMedia Coverage

Bambinotes launches its operations in the Middle East, March, 2017

Bambinotes, the preschool communication platform, announced its entry into the Middle East.

The company plans to target preschools, daycares, and kindergartens in the region with a state-of-the-art user friendly web platform, which will energize the communication between teachers and parents in the region, and will help preschools go paperless in communicating with parents, while saving reporting time, and help teachers and parents to track children development.

We are very excited about the market opportunity the region offers, and we believe that our clients will appreciate our platform, which will allow them to use a private easy to use channel to communicate children daily reports to parents, and exchange information about their schools plans and events in a very effective way, “Odeh Awwad, CEO, Bambinotes Mena commented.

The platform features include daily reports, public announcements, private messages, central calendar, and photo gallery, the company is planning to enter into reseller agreements in some of the countries in the region starting in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, to provide unrivaled services in each of the countries Bambinotes operate in. Bambinotes currently operates across three continents and serves people speaking English, Arabic, and Spanish.


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